Kitchens: To upgrade or not to upgrade?

When evaluating a rehab project, professional rehabbers will spend a considerable amount of time evaluating the current kitchen and whether it needs to be simply repaired or completely renovated/upgraded.

So, how does a rehabber decide whether he should fix it with some paint or tear it all out and start over again? It all comes down to the time-tested real estate mantra of location, location, location.

In trendy areas of Tampa like Seminole Heights and South Tampa, rehabbers will most likely tear out the existing kitchen, open up the layout of the kitchen and install all-new cabinets, counter tops and appliances. The cost of this can easily run north of $30,000 on a standard 3/2 house.

In other areas where buyers expect average kitchens and/or rental areas, rehabbers will be more inclined to go with basic repairs because it doesn’t make sense to put a $30,000 kitchen in a $50,000 house.

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