How Tampa’s 2017 market compares to the 2005-2007 boom

According to the S&P/Case-Shiller Tampa Home Price Index, the Tampa market price index is currently pushing 195.00 as of July 2017. In comparison, the highest this index has ever reached in Tampa was 239.00 in May 2006. It should be noted that data for Tampa’s market is available post-1988. In other words, it appears the Read more about How Tampa’s 2017 market compares to the 2005-2007 boom[…]

Tracking job growth in Tampa Bay

One of the most important drivers in home values and rents is the job market. Are jobs being created or destroyed? Job growth means more people are moving into the area thus creating a higher demand for housing. That increase in demand leads to increased prices. You can track Tampa’s job growth here.

Tampa real estate market enters the slow season

In real estate, there are 2 seasons: the slow season and the busy season. The slow season is generally regarded as November through February. March through October is considered the busy season with the peak of activity occurring during the summer months. The generally accepted theory is few families want to move their household during Read more about Tampa real estate market enters the slow season[…]

What is a “teardown”

A teardown is typically an old house with extensive structural damage. The house has little to no opportunity to be rehabbed so the best option is to the demolish (aka teardown) the house and build a new house. This is a common part of the real estate investment cycle, especially in hot market segments. For Read more about What is a “teardown”[…]

Tampa Bay Real Estate Market Health

By Johnny Diamantas According to Zillow, the Tampa, Florida real estate market is moderately healthy as of 5/30/16. Zillow’s current reading is 5.5/10 which indicates a healthy, but not spectacular market. We believe the market is currently poised to growing but at a slower pace than seen in the past 2 years.      

Tampa Median Home Values Up Big

This is truly a great time to take advantage of a recent jump in Tampa Bay home values. According to Zillow, the median home value in Tampa, Florida rose 12.3% over the past year (data as of 5/31/16). However, future forecasts show a more modest growth of only 4.8%. If you have been considering selling and Read more about Tampa Median Home Values Up Big[…]