Tracking job growth in Tampa Bay

One of the most important drivers in home values and rents is the job market. Are jobs being created or destroyed? Job growth means more people are moving into the area thus creating a higher demand for housing. That increase in demand leads to increased prices. You can track Tampa’s job growth here.

Magnify your returns with owner financing

It’s no secret that big banks make money hand over fist. One of their most lucrative revenue streams is the mortgage market. If you’re looking to sell a property, why not become the bank? You can and you should! Let’s run through a scenario. You have a house you want to sell. You think the Read more about Magnify your returns with owner financing[…]

How do “As-Is” cash offers for my house work?

An “As-Is” offer means the buyer is buying your house in its present condition. In other words, you (the seller) don’t make or pay for any repairs to the property. An inspection may still be ordered by the buyer, however any repairs and/or damage that shows up on the inspection report is the responsibility of Read more about How do “As-Is” cash offers for my house work?[…]

All About Hillsborough County Impact Fees

Impact fees are charges counties institute to assess the impact of new construction on infrastructure like roads, schools, water & sewer systems and fire departments. In Hillsborough County, impact fees for new¬†residential construction are based on the impact to 4 critical systems: Roads Schools Fire Department Parks These fees vary based on where the new Read more about All About Hillsborough County Impact Fees[…]

What is a “teardown”

A teardown is typically an old house with extensive structural damage. The house has little to no opportunity to be rehabbed so the best option is to the demolish (aka teardown) the house and build a new house. This is a common part of the real estate investment cycle, especially in hot market segments. For Read more about What is a “teardown”[…]

How does closing work with a cash buyer?

This is a common question we get. Many of our clients have questions about title transfer, inspections, banks¬†and/or appraisals. The truth is, the closing process utilized when selling to a cash investor is the exact same process you would use when going through a bank and using a realtor. That’s not entirely true. The process Read more about How does closing work with a cash buyer?[…]

What’s with those “We Buy Houses” signs I see around town?

You’ve probably seen these signs ALL OVER Tampa and Hillsborough County. These signs advertise quick cash for your house. As a bonus, they’ll buy “any” house and close quick. These are called “bandit signs,” and are used mostly by rookie investors. Many real estate gurus and training seminars teach new investors to post these signs Read more about What’s with those “We Buy Houses” signs I see around town?[…]